Millinery Supplies

Below is a list of places to purchase millinery supplies. The General Millinery Supplies section includes vendors with some or all of the following items: buckram, wire, flowers, feathers, ribbon, veiling, grosgrain, felt, straw, sinamay, linings, untrimmed hats, lace hats, notions, hat boxes, adhesives, stiffening agents, hat securements, hat stretchers and steamers. We welcome new additions and corrections to the list of suppliers. Please send information to

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General Millinery Supplies

Fabric, Ribbons, Lace & Bead Trim

Feathers & Flowers

Felt & Straw

Foundation Materials & Skullcaps

Hat Blocks, Stretchers, Irons, Steamers & Sewing Machines

Hat Boxes, Hat Linings, Hat Pins, Clips & Combs

Hat Care – Stiffeners, Cleaners & Brushes

Hat Stands & Wig Blocks

Historical Hats & Hat Patterns

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Additional Lists of Millinery Supply Sources


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Finding Old Sources

The search for millinery supplies is an ongoing adventure, taking you into antique stores, thrift shops, garage sales, vintage fashion stores and just plain junk stores. Keep your eyes open for anything with feathers, flowers, ornaments, lace, veiling, hat pins or ribbons that can be restored. Old felt, straw and fabric hats can also be taken apart and reworked or salvaged for trim.

The treasures that await the diligent detective are numerous. If you’re really lucky you may even find some wonderful old hat blocks. Don’t forget to scan the newspapers, online classifieds and auctions for anyone selling out their old millinery business or collection of supplies. These are a real treasure trove!

Finding New Sources

The best place to start looking for brand new millinery suppliers is with online search engines. Search on the key words hats, millinery, haberdashery, ribbons, flowers, feathers, lace, felt, straw, bridal, theatrical costumes, and anything else that seems appropriate.

Next check the advertisements in fashion and sewing magazines such as Threads, Sew News and PieceWork. Craft and doll magazines are also good sources. While you’re at it, see if there are any new millinery magazines or organizations. Librarians can be very helpful in showing you how to locate these resources. And if you’re traveling, be sure to check the telephone directory yellow pages in any areas you visit.

As always, some information may be out of date, but it’s always worth checking. And don’t forget to let us know if you find a great new resource so we can list it here on the website.

Good luck and happy hatmaking!